The Future plan of activities

To establish 50 educational support centers to prevent school dropout among the school going children of poor.

To conduct school enrollment campaign at 150 places by setting up awareness cultural team

To give self employment skill development and capacity building training to the women SHG members

To conduct health camps for the scavenging community and poor people in villages

To give medical checkups to all those living in and prevent them from their drinking habits (alcohol consumption) and safe health condition

Work with municipal bodies as well as housing colonies commercial complexes hospitals etc to provide safety equipments to sweepers and ensure their social security

Educate sweepers to engage in cleaning / sweeping work with use of safety equipments and technology

Work in collaboration with corporate sectors, vocational training institute to provide vocational skill training to poor youths

To identify school drop out children and supporting for their education development in all villages

To organize training for poor people about government welfare schemes

To motivating small entrepreneur in villages and town.

To provide subsidy loans to the SHG members in all villages

To conduct training for poor parents in village about their children education and preventing child labour.

To established women SHG’s and strengthening savings and prevented (Kanthu Vatti) private money lending

Work towards social security (Insurance livelihood security, access to credit etc) of the poor people of villages