What we have achieved so far:
❖ 425 SHGs have been formed and linked with ICICI as a result of this 5100 SHG  members have benefited through SHGs. Respectively 150 SHGs are nurtured, 160  Clusters have been built, 1 Federation have been built, 720 members engaged in  regular saving in a year, 1920 members have been borrowing in a year, Rs.  10368000/- is the total saving for one year, Rs. 48000000/- is the total borrowing  amount for one year, 15% is an interest rate and 95% is a repayment rate.
❖ “KANDHU VATTI” – this is the most familiar word among the villagers and they have  been fear and shiver of. This Kandhu vatti system is about the Private money  lenders who lend the money with high interest to the poor villages and they will  collect it back arrogantly. Now, this system is stopped in the villages where we are  working for decades; because of the Bank loans availed to the SHG Members by the  intervention of Vizhuthugal. 
❖ The SHG members have obtained good knowledge on accessing banks, Applying  for loans and calculating interest, minutes writing, Report making, organizing SHG  meetings. 
❖ Vizhuthugal has been providing development training to the SHG members once in  every month.