Organised awarness conference to Tribal communities with Vizhuthugal solidarity in Nilgiris district.
Environmental awarness training organised by Vizhuthugal for RC Girls Hr Sr School students in Avinashi.
Vizhuthugal and NABARD Bank organised SHG Leaders meeting in Avinashi.


Vizhuthugal Organised CBO leaders meeting in Erode on 3-4-2015, with Mr.Manivannan IAS.
Vizhuthugal core team meeting in Avinashi and vistitors and Arogya Agam.
Vizhuthugal monitoring NREGA and people got work properly in Bavanishagar block in April -2015.


A training on health awareness, sanitation and protection was conducted on 15 – 04– 2015 in  at community hall in Tiruppur on the subject of sanitation and social development of  scavengers. They were trained on how to wear protective equipments for attending work and  the impact of working without wearing these equipments and advantages of wearing such  equipments. They were taught that they can prevent contagious diseases, dengue, malaria and  skin diseases by using these equipments. Our coordinator and organizers provided this training  at their living places, so they benefited much from this training. 
An educational training was conducted for the benefit of sanitary workers for their understanding  on the importance of education to their children and their growth. They were taught about  sending children in the age group 6 – 14 compulsorily to schools and keeping a good  environment in their homes for the better growth and education of children in the home. Our  staff team perennially was watching the educational status of the children and avoided any sort  of drop out of children from schools, so school dropout rate was sizably decreased last year. 
Free village level medical camps were organized in collaboration with other private hospital  doctors and government departments like PHCs, etc. These camps include scavengers’  camps, health awareness camps, youth health camps, adolescent girls health awareness and  medical check ups. Besides this we have organized special awareness programme on school  enrollment and small trading for women and men. These programmes are conducted as and  when need arises. Many people got free check ups and treatment under the Chief Minister’s  Free Insurance Scheme. . Our coordinator and organizers provided this training on health  awareness at their living places, so they benefited much from these training. 
Vizhuthugal Educational Support Centers were conducted in three villages. Graduated  motivators were visiting villages and providing supplementary education to the village children in  all school subjects. Our staff team was visiting these centers weekly once and providing  sufficient advices to the motivators and parents to educate their children better way. The
children at these centers were taught in playful way and through joyful learning. The students  who attended these centers came out as best performers with discipline and courage and drop  out was completely eroded in these three villages where our centers were running. 
Educational tours were annually arranged organizing the children of sanitary workers. We take  them in the summer to historical places, dams, zoos, etc. The scavenger’s families children who  never get opportunities to go out of their villages or colonies found this opportunity great and  enjoyed joyful moments on these tours. The tours helped them to know new things, get courage  and self-confidence, compare things with the matters they learn in their schools and a great  mind diversion. 
We have organized women belonging to this community from 75 villages into more than 200  SHGs and micro level women entrepreneurship groups. These groups were offering an ideal  platform for the rural poor youths and women to come together and save their little amount and  use the same for starting various income generation programmes. Mainly sangams deal  social/legal problems of our people. The youth and women are provided awareness and  motivation to make their own efforts for their welfare. More than 300 families are now engaged  in home based self vending business. They do tailoring work, rudhraksha mala making, small  garments product works, power loom based subsidiary works, rope making, household articles  making, etc. We facilitated 73 families to get assistances to do these businesses. 
There are 57 volunteers attached with Vizhuthugal Social Education and Development Trust.  They are working in villages for the welfare of educational, health and economic development of  poor’s. They work instantly to carry out rescue works during floods and other natural calamities.  They do rescue and rehabilitation works. During the floods in Noyyal River in 2015, they  provided food and cloths rehabilitation services to slum dwellers. Our coordinators and  organizers provide sufficient training to these volunteers. 
Cultural events were conducted on the importance of sanitation and education for the benefit of  school and college students. More than 1,000 students benefited from this cultural performance.  The cultural event was commemorated by the principal of the Thiruppur Chikanna Govt. Arts  College.
Vizhuthugal coordinators and organizers visited the slum areas and colonies of poor people and  conducted camp for them to get family card, housing patta, Aadhaar card, health card, OAP etc.  This enabled more than 1,000 people to get vital cards and government schemes. 
We undertook a number of awareness generation programmes in our operational area to create  awareness about this dreaded occurrence of untouchabaility abolition. The Humanitarian Week  of Adi Diravida Welfare Department was partly sponsored by Vizhuthugal. We provided prizes to  students who won in various competitions and motivated them. We observed Humanitarian  Week, and Health, Sanitation and Education Awareness Art Programme frm 25 – 01 – 2016 till  31 – 01 – 2016. These programmes reached more than 1,000 people. 
A school enrollment campaign program was conducted during June, 2015 with the effort of  Vizhuthugal team. As a result of this program parents were given awareness and 1,350  students of poor families were encouraged continue their studies and joined 6th and 8th standard. Vizhuthugal conducts this campaign for school enrollment and prevention of school  drop out every year. The parents of dropped out children were consulted and such dropped out  children were educated in bridge schools and admitted in formal school from the following  academic year. In each and every slum area we set up a social monitoring group to monitor  drop out situation. 
Our staff team provided training to our SHG women members. The youth and women are  provided awareness and motivation to make their own efforts for their welfare. We trained them  on accounting, data keeping, applying to avail loans from banks, etc. More than 1,000 women  have benefited from this training and their male family members from our capacity building  training. They do tailoring work, rudhraksha mala making, small spinning works, power loom  based subsidiary works, rope making, household articles making, etc. We facilitated families to  get assistances to do these business. 
Vizhuthugal provided training to panchayat representatives about sanitary workers’ health, their  children’s educational development, sanitation development of rural urban areas, etc. All ward  members and panchayat presidents got valuable awareness in this training.